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Many companies in the UK are increasingly doing business with the USA. This brings many benefits on all sides, but it isn’t without its challenges, not least when it comes to making cheap calls to the USA.

One issue many businesses face is the time difference between the UK and the USA. Sometimes it may be the case that you need to call a business associate or colleague in the USA, but it’s peak time for phone calls. If you wait until off-peak time, you may have missed a deal or failed to get some vital information. However, there is a way to ensure that all your calls to the USA are always charged at the same price, and you may find that it means you get even cheaper calls to the USA all the time.

The service in question uses internet technology to bring you cheap calls to the USA. It works by you dialling a UK access number, which then connects you to an internet phone line, which you then use to dial the USA number. You only pay for the call to the UK access number, which is generally far cheaper than if you dialled a USA phone number directly. This way to make cheap calls to the USA can bring many business benefits – not only is it convenient and easy, but it can seriously reduce your telephony costs.