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There are many providers offering cheap calls to Spain, but potential customers can understandably sometimes be concerned that there may be hidden costs, or the service may not be reliable.

If you choose a provider of cheap calls to Spain who uses the method of dialling a UK access number, followed by dialling the number for the call recipient in Spain, there are some common factors you will find, which may help to put your mind at rest:

  • you will be billed per minute
  • there may be a one-off connection charge for each call, depending on the access number – you should check this with your international calling provider
  • there is no difference in the price between peak and off-peak calling times
  • the person you are calling won’t be charged
  • you won’t need to give your bank details or credit card information – you usually won’t even need to set up an account with the international calling provider
  • you can make the call from your mobile, although this will usually be considerably more expensive than if you use your landline
  • you should check the exact call charges with the international calling provider before you make the call.

You’ll rarely need to worry about the reliability of your cheap calls to Spain, because the call is routed to Spain via the internet, so it should be clear and lacking any time delay.