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Brazil is a country well known for its sporting prowess. With the Football World Cup and now the Olympics to look forward to, many people from the UK have been travelling to Brazil and will continue to do so over the next few years. This could be as fans, or perhaps they’re carrying out work connected to these sporting events. Whatever the reason, their family and friends back home in the UK could benefit from being able to make cheap calls to Brazil while their loved ones are there.

There are many options available for making cheap calls to Brazil, and it’s important to do you research to find out which will represent the most cost-effective solution for you. For example, your mobile phone provider might offer an international option which gives you cheap calls to Brazil for a certain amount of time. Or you could buy a pay as you go international top-up card, which would give you a better rate than if you made calls to Brazil via a standard top-up.

Another option for making cheap calls to Brazil is directly via your landline. However, this is rarely the most cost-effective option. A fast-growing preference is to use a third party access number. You simply dial a UK number, then are connected to an internet-based phone line, and you make the call via the internet. This is a great way to make cheap calls to Brazil, as you only pay the bill for the call to the UK access number – you’re not charged for the international element of your call.