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A popular option with many people looking for a way to make cheap calls to Africa is to find a mobile phone provider with reduced tariffs for calling certain countries. Mobile phone providers generally offer various options for making cheap calls to Africa.

One option is to take out a monthly contract which includes an international calling package. This would mean you pay a set rate per minute for international calls, and you may even be able to add certain countries or telephone numbers to a list of ‘favourites’ that get even cheaper calling rates. Alternatively, some mobile phone providers offer an international SIM card for pay as you go users, which guarantees a lower price per minute for calls than you’d pay on a standard SIM card, making this another option for making cheap calls to Africa.

Lastly, some mobile phone providers offer international top-up cards. These work in the same way as pay as you go top-ups, but they will give you a lower calling price for international calls than a standard top-up would.

If you’d rather not make international calls via your mobile phone provider, you could always use an international calling service where you call a UK access number, which then connects you to the call recipient. This will cost more than if you dialled the access number from a landline, but if you only have a mobile phone, it’s a good option for making cheaper calls to Africa.